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House Specialty Cocktails

Smoked Old-Fashioned - $15

MWC single cask bourbon, bitters, muddled orange and cherry, splash of soda water. Served in a smoked glass.

‘Raving Mad’ Lemonade - $12

1812 blended bourbon, Zarcci Limoncello, muddled lemon and mint, soda water

Moscow Rose - $12

Norbeck Vodka, Port Antonio Hibiscus Sorrel Rum,

lime juice, ginger beer

Apple Jack - $12

Dirty Apples Apple Cinnamon Whiskey, MWC Single Cask Bourbon, Maple Syrup, Ginger Beer

Good Ol’ Fashioned Rum - $12

MRC Barrel-Aged Rum, Peychaud’s, muddled orange and cherry

Hibiscus Flower - $12

MRC Barrel-Aged Rum, Port Antonio Hibiscus Sorrel Rum, ginger beer

Twin Valley Paloma - $12

MRC Silver Rum, citrus, sparkling grapefruit soda

Pineapple Sunrise - $12

Pineapple Chicha, orange and pineapple juice, Sorrel drizzle

Liquor By the Oz: $5-7

Price varies by product: please ask bartender.

Flavor By the oz: $7

NEW! Beer on Rotation: 

$6 - 9oz

$8 - 16oz

Available in the Tasting Room only!

Please ask a member of the bar staff to walk you through our options

Happy Hour!

Weekdays 4-7pm

Beer: $4

House Specialty Cocktails: $6.25

Rail Drinks: $5

1oz Shots: $4